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Winter Special

Exclusive Single Origins Leaves and Unique Hand-Crafted Blends.
Winter Special

Since the Dutch East India Company started transporting tea from Asia to Europe and then Britain, at the start of the 17th century black tea quickly grew to be the most popular tea in the world. Our range of loose leaf black teas include unique blends of traditional favourites like English Breakfast and Earl Grey as well as premium single origin teas from Assam India, Yunnan province China and Uva Ceylon. When it comes to black tea it's our signature range of gourmet, flavoured black teas that continue to be more popular than any other category; this includes the delicious French Earl Grey, the vanilla infused Cafe Breakfast or the fruit and floral fusion of the Stockholm Blend.

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Red Leaf Tea is an Australian tea company specialising in everything tea lover needs from teapots to tins all shipped Australia wide

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More than 100 loose leaf teas for you to choose from including single origin teas from small growers and fancy blends hand-crafted by our tea masters

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