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Single Origin

While most tea is comprised of leaves taken from multiple tea gardens Single Origin or Single Estate tea is any tea which has originating from one single tea plantation or garden This gives consumumers certainty about the quality of the leaves and the ability to research both the growing and worker conditions involved in producing the tea.

The Halmari Estate is located in the upper plains of the Assam region where it has been producing
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Dotted along the Brahmaputra River in Assam, India's north eastern province are a row of tea garde
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The 800 acre Castleton tea estate was first established by Dr. Charles Graham in 1885 and is one o
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Darjeeling tea and in fact the entire Darjeeling region owe their existence to the hot Indian summ
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India produces two of the most well known types of tea in the world; Assam and Darjeeling which ar
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Orange Pekoe Kenilworth Estate Orange Pekoe Kenilworth Estate
This Kenilworth estate was first planted at the turn of the century by an English pioneer who name
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