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Brand: Sheldon
The perfect way to keep your honey fresh with the clip down lid and rubber seal this eye-catching
Ex Tax:$16.95
Brand: Sheldon
This one is for the matcha lovers. This traditional Japanese Matcha tea set features a glazed Chaw
Ex Tax:$34.95
Brand: Sheldon
Take you tea with you wherever you go. The travel tea flask is double walled and perfect for eithe
Ex Tax:$26.95
Brand: Sheldon
A large 5.7L capacity dispenser is perfect for parties with a nostalgic 50's inspired design and 6
Ex Tax:$79.95
The perfect bamboo matcha tea scoop is a traditional Japanese tool for preparing a great cup of ma
Ex Tax:$8.00
The perfect tool for preparing your matcha is this bamboo whisk. To make your whisk last longer an
Ex Tax:$29.00
Brand: Deth
For the serious lovers of tea! The perfect tea spoon is the best way to measure every cup of loose
Ex Tax:$6.95
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