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Green Policy

Cardboard Recycling

Recycled Packaging

All of our tin canisters, boxes, shipping containers and pouches are made using recycled materials and are re-usable. Heat sealed bags are made from biodegradable cellophane and all necessary printing is done on 100% recycled paper.

Fair Treatment

We believe that as a supplier of tea and global citizens we have a responsibility to improve the living standards for those people who we rely on to bring high quality tea to our customers.

It is for this reason that when we source tea leaves and other ingredients from developing nations we exclusively choose to do business with Fair Trade Certified farms and co-operatives and when we source our products from small garden growers we inspect their operations them to ensure that they meet our standards.

This includes:

  • Fair wages for workers
  • Fair prices for farmers
  • Safe working conditions
  • Safe worker housing
  • Access to medical services for workers and their families
  • Access to primary education for workers children
  • A ban on the use of child labour and forced labour
tea planting in Ceylon
Carbon offset program

Carbon Neutral

Data centres use a lot of power; power to run servers, power to run cooling, power to run lighting, security system and monitoring equipment. All of our web and email servers are part of the carbon offset program; planting trees to balance the pollution produced.

From planes to trucks to vans our biggest impact on the environment comes from all those parcels travelling around the country bringing our tea to your door. To correct this impact we invest in a range of carbon offset programs including rain forest rehabilitation in Borneo, Tasmanian forest protection programs and projects in developing countries that replace inefficient charcoal stoves with new fuel efficient burners that not only reduce carbon dioxide but also save cost less to run, create manufacturing jobs and improve air quality.

Little Steps

We drink an awful lot of tea in our office which means we have lots of soggy, used tea leaves left over every day; rather than the bin all of these leftover leaves go straight into our little herb garden where they become a rich nice smelling garden compost.

In our office we adhere to a green policy by reducing our overall wastage, reusing what we can can and recycling everything else.

Herb garden