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Classic English Breakfast

Classic English Breakfast
Classic English Breakfast
Classic English Breakfast
Classic English Breakfast
Classic English Breakfast
Classic English Breakfast
Classic English Breakfast
English Breakfast continues to be the worlds favourite breakfast tea, our signature blend of Ceylon Orange Pekoe and Indian Assam comes together to create a robust brew, a perfect way to start the day. Properly brewed this traditional tea emits a complex and sophisticated aroma with a smooth, rounded taste accented with notes of malted honey.
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Serve with milkServe with honeyserve with lemonFairtrade certifiedRainforest Alliance
1 tspn per cup95°c3-4 minMilkHoneyLemonFair TradeRainforest Alliance


Bright and coppery colour, the perfect breakfast tea with full body and a classic flavour.


Combining various black teas from different tea growing regions began virtually in parallel with the arrival of those teas to England in the 18th century however calling such a blend “English Breakfast” didn’t occur until 1843 and it didn’t start in England at all. When Richard Davies arrived in New York City from northern England in early 1843 he had little money and knew no one, despite this he managed to secure a relationship with a small tea importing company and began packaging and selling his g his teas to the public under the newly created Canton Tea label. At the time Oolong tea was the most popular tea variety in New York however Oolong tea was also quite expensive so Mr Davies started working on his own tea blend that would use cheaper teas but produce an overall tastier product. Mr Davies original blend used a base of Chinese grown Keemun blended with a combination of Ceylon and Taiwanese Powchong (sadly the last has been lost to time and no longer exists) to create what ended up being the world’s very first “English Breakfast Tea”. The blend became so popular that soon Mr Davies secret recipe was deciphered and English Breakfast tea blends began to appear across the globe.


1 tsp per cup in water at 95°c for 3-4 mins


Fair Trade Certified
Rainforest Alliance certified


With milk or honey and lemon as desired.


Ceylon and Assam black teas


Sri Lanka And India

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