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Browse our great collection of loose leaf tea infusers available with everything from the classic mesh ball to some really fun silicone infuser designs you'll just love.

This simple to use, classic look mesh ball infuser is made from food safe stainless steel and feat
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The simplicity of the design is the reason the imperial infuser is so popular. Add some leaves to
Ex Tax:$8.95
This tea strainer comes with a drip bowl and fits nicely over top of a tea cup for straining loose
Ex Tax:$9.95
The brilliant London Teapot tea strainer is the ideal infuser for brewers who still like to prepar
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Life is easier when you go with the flow. And if you don’t know how, this manatee will teach you!
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Stainless steel spring handle mesh ball tea infuser.
Ex Tax:$5.00
Silicone T-bag tea infuser is designed to give you a great cup of tea everytime just load the T-ba
Ex Tax:$4.50
Ahoy Matey! the tug boat tea infuser is the perfect nautical way to brew your favourite cup of tea
Ex Tax:$6.95
From the Serengeti to your tea cup, you'll fall in love with Ellie Mae as she perfectly infuses yo
Ex Tax:$9.95
From the Serengeti to your tea cup, you'll fall in love with Gerry the Gorilla as she perfectly in
Ex Tax:$9.95
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