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Browse our great collection of loose leaf tea infusers available with everything from the classic mesh ball to some really fun silicone infuser designs you'll just love.

Brand: Sheldon
This simple to use, classic look mesh ball infuser is made from food safe stainless steel and feat
Ex Tax:$4.00
Elegantly designed, this tea infuser is a must for the refined tea drinker. Made from quality Sta
Ex Tax:$8.95
Brand: Sheldon
The simplicity of the design is the reason the imperial infuser is so popular. Add some leaves to
Ex Tax:$8.95
Brand: Deth
The perfect infuser to create the perfect cup of tea every time. The extra fine mesh will ensure t
Ex Tax:$14.95
Life is easier when you go with the flow. And if you don’t know how, this manatee will teach you!
Ex Tax:$19.95
Brand: Sheldon
Is there anything better than a hot cup of tea on a cold winters morning? Fill the infuser with yo
Ex Tax:$7.95
Ahoy Matey! the tug boat tea infuser is the perfect nautical way to brew your favourite cup of tea
Ex Tax:$6.95
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