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Meet The Team



As the founder of Red Leaf Tea, Marie is the heart and soul behind everything here.

Favourite tea: Aniseed


Tea Master

Full time tea master and part time adventurer. Rock-climbing, hiking, scuba diving, skydiving every week there's a new story

Favourite tea: Darjeeling Gold



Yoga addict and aspiring author but most of all Mia is a work-aholic but that's just fine with us

Favourite tea: Marrakesh Mint



When not in front of the screen making sure everything's right you'll find him in the garden or the kitchen.

Favourite tea: Cafe Breakfast


Marketing Assistant

Our resident young person Danni is onto everything trendy while it's still trendy and constantly using words we don't understand but that's OK because she's awesome

Favourite tea: Iron Goddess


Customer Service

Fastest person in the office Robyn is as much a star on the race track as she is on the phones.

Favourite tea: French Earl Grey


Warehouse Manager

Cricket on Monday, cricket on Tuesday, cricket on Wednesday, cricket on ... you get the idea he's got a serious addiction going on.

Favourite tea: Masala Chai