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Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea

Oolong or Wu Long tea is somewhere between black and green tea; a lighter, softer flavour than black and a darker richer flavour than green tea. The name is loosely translated as black dragon, for the shape the rolled loose leaves form. Originating in China, where it is still grown in the mountainous regions to the north of the country, oolong is considered by many as the most desirable of all Chinese teas.

Dark Oolong

The highest quality Chinese grown Oolongs come from the Wuyi Mountains in the Fujian Province where ..

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Iron Goddess

Legend has it that deep in the Fujian province of China there was an old temple housing a statue of ..

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Oolong Meadow

Jasmine flowers originated in Persia and were first used in China during the Song Dynasty to add the..

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Oolong Orange Blossom

In China orange blossom was traditionally given by young men to young women as a token of their affe..

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Classic English Breakfast

Combining various black teas from different tea growing regions began virtually in parallel with the..

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French Earl Grey

A classy brew with a French twist. After you take that first sip, close your eyes, drink in the arom..

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Classic Irish Breakfast

The Irish drink their tea very black and very strong and it's with this in mind that we have crafted..

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Café Breakfast

Something warm, delicious and wonderful has happened to breakfast teas! First we blended together ..

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Classic Earl Grey

Earl Grey tea is believed by most to be named for Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey and a member of the En..

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Daintree Blossom

Black tea grown in the rich, volcanic soils of the Daintree Rainforest have an earthy flavour and co..

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