Orange Orchard

Orange Orchard

Truly like no other fruit tea you've ever tried, Orange Orchard will knock you over with a loud burst of oranges followed by a waft of vanilla. The unique flavour of this tissane will whisk you away to European summer everytime.

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1 tspn per cup95°c3-4 minHoneyLemonIced


A fresh, bold citrus character offset with a hit of apple and hibiscus perfectly balanced by a soft creamy note of real vanilla pieces.


This was a labour of love; we started with Oranges from the Spanish port town of València on the Orange Blossom Coast, a region known worldwide for their citrus quality then added apple pieces grown in the hills above the black sea near the town of Amasya, northern Turkey. To finish the drink we included rosehip from Germany, Hibiscus grown in the ancient city of Aswan in southern Egypt, Polish grown Sunflowers and Safflower from the Western Great Plains. Experience this brash and bold fruit tea infua infusion for yourself and we think you will agree that we’ve captured not just the big flavours of the Mediterranean but also the spirit of the people and places perfectly


1 tsp per cup in water at 95°c for 3-4 mins


With honey and lemon as desired. Try it iced.


Orange pieces, apple pieces, rosehip, hibiscus, safflower, sunflower petals and natural flavour


Spain, Turkey, Germany, Egypt, United States and Poland

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