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Red Leaf Chai

Red Leaf Chai

A delicious blend with balanced flavours, both sweet and spicy. Chai tea has been known to help with circulation, increase the metabolism and detox the body.

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Serve with milkServe with honeyserve with lemon
1 tspn per cup95°c5-7 minMilkHoneyLemon


A relaxing herbaceous aroma with a light, bright colour perfect for washing away the day’s tensions and headaches.


There are any number of ways Chai tea can be mixed using a variety of different herbs and spices; we have selected our favourites to create a blend that is both unique and familiar at the same time which you are sure to We used lemon balm to relieve stress and anxiety, chamomile to sooth the nervous system, ginger and cardamom to aid in digestion, cloves to relieve pain and prevent colds, cinnamon to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure and lemongrass to ease headaches, stomach aches and muscle pain pains.


1 tsp per cup in water at 95°c for 5-7 mins


With milk or honey and lemon as desired.


Ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom pods, lemongrass and lemon balm.


India and Thailand

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