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A speciality blend of fine Japanese green tea and toasted brown rice. The fresh character of the green tea is tempered with the unique character of the rice. There is a natural sweetness and chewy character to the finish of this tea.

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Serve as isRainforest Alliance
1 tspn per cup80°c1-3 minStraightRainforest


The fresh grassy flavour of green tea gives way to the nutty aroma of the roasted rice.


In 15th century Japan a samurai and warlords were meeting to discuss an impending battle. As was traditional for such meetings green tea was being served. The servant was storing grains of roasted brown rice in his sleeve to snack on throughout the proceedings, as he leant over to pour his master’s tea several grains of the rice fell out and landed in the tea. As punishment for the mistake the samurai drew his sword and beheaded the servant before sitting back down whereupon the samurai discovered that his beloved tea was not ruined after all, rather its flavour had been enhanced by the rice. As a result the samurai regretted his rash decision and decreed that the new tea be served each day as a tribute to his former servant.


1 tsp per cup in water at 80°c for 1-3 mins


Just as it is.


Green tea, roasted rice, popped rice



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