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Golden Yunnan

Golden Yunnan

Yunnan teas are distinct from the other black teas of China due to the faint smokiness and honeyed flavour. The finest quality golden tipped Yunnan leaves are grown high up in the mountains where the clouds rest on the ground a lot of the time, hiding the rich bounty from view.

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1 tspn per cup95°c3-4 minAs isMilkHoneyLemon


Golden leaves produce a golden colour liquire with a smooth and malted flavour with notes of honey.


The Three Kingdoms period spanned just 60 years from 220AD but was characterised by war and bloodshed so it’s perhaps poetic that it was during this period that tea came to the Yunnan province. Zhuge Liang, the chancellor of the Shu province and an accomplished inventor and botanist, led an army in to the Yunnan province defeating a local militia. After conquering the province Liang investigated the region thoroughly and determined that the conditions were perfect for growing tea so he ordered a thoa thousand tea plants be transported to the region and planted in the highlands. It is from those original plants that all modern day Yunnan tea plants are descended and it is the climate Zhuge Liang first identified more than 1800 years ago that produce oduce the finest quality golden tipped tea leaves.


1 tsp per cup in water at 95°c for 3-4 mins


As it is or with milk or honey and lemon as desired.


Yunnan black tea


Yunnan province, China

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