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China White

China White

Freshly harvested unopened buds and young leaves are dried naturally in the sun, producing a warm, rich and floral bouquet. The brewed drink is golden and bright making this the perfect entry point to begin your exploration of white teas.

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Serve as is
1-2 tspn per cup80°c2-3 minAs is


A slightly pale brew with a fresh aroma and a smooth velvety flavour.


Known in the Fujian province of China as Pai Mu Tan this tea is quite rare due to the small window each year in which it can be harvested. Early each Spring morning, before the sun rises and the flowers open, the leaves and buds are plucked carefully and then allowed to dry naturally in the sun. Due to the maturity of the leaves and the gentle process of preparing this tea it contains a much higher level of antioxidants than green tea and a much lower level of caffeine.


1-2 tsp per cup in water at 80°c for 2-3 mins


Just as it is.


White peony tea


Fujian province, China

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