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At Red Leaf Tea we still do things a better way, the old fashioned way. We choose which teas to stock based their quality not their cost, we blend our teas by hand and we work with suppliers who achieve Fair Trade standards.

We scour small tea gardens looking for the best quality leaves to use in our single origin teas. We are constantly working to improve the taste of our artisan range and we track down recipes that are hundreds of years old to ensure that classic blends taste the way they were always meant to.

As a small family owned Australian business, you won't find a massive multi-national company with a giant marketing budget and an empire of stores in shopping centres behind us just a handful of hard working people who love tea and love bringing great tea to everyone.

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Red Leaf Tea is an Australian tea company specialising in everything tea lover needs from teapots to tins all shipped Australia wide

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More than 100 loose leaf teas for you to choose from including single origin teas from small growers and fancy blends hand-crafted y our tea masters

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Our mission is to provide excellent customer service with a team that is dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate about tea

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Take your time there's a lot to see in the store and we are always working hard to create new flavours so be sure to check back soon. With more than 100 teas and herbal infusions in stock you're sure to discover something to pique your interest whatever your taste.

From The Archive

All About Green Tea

Green tea was first discovered by accident in 2737BC by Emperor Shen Nong; while boiling a pot of water in his garden tea leaves happened to land in the pot, infusing it and creating the world’s first pot of tea. After the Emperor drank the tea he was immediately impressed with the drink and quickly tea drinking spread throughout the kingdom.


Homemade Scone Recipe

Homemade scones are an important part of English country cooking and this is the perfect scone recipe thats so simple you'll have thm on the table in less than thirty minutes. Just don't forget the piping hot cup of English Breakfast to wash them down.


Real Benefits Of Rooibos

Rooibos only grows in a small region of South Africa near Cape Town, it has been used to brew a tea like drink for centuries, crafted by the local people of the Cederberg. During the 1600s Dutch East India Company established a base of operations in South Africa; the settlers began drinking rooibos as it was a cheap alternative to the expensive black tea that was being imported from Europe.


Origin Of English Breakfast

1843 will probably always be remembered as the year the world's first Christmas card was sent but 1843 is also the year when Englishman Richard Davies emigrated from Hull, 200 miles north of London, to New York. Despite arriving in the City not knowing anyone and with little money in his pocket Mr Davies rented an upstairs space in lower Manhattan near City Hall and established the Canton Tea Company.