Alternative medicine utilising herbal ingredients has been administered for more than 60,000 years and continues to deliver results today. In spite of the fact that we have further developed advanced scientific pharmaceuticals to aid with complex issues despite this the old methods remain relevant today. As long as you know what the herbal ingredients you are consuming are and any side effects they may have for you trying a herbal approach to improving your wellbeing using our selection of specially curated teas may help you feel better faster for less.

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Benefits of Wellbeing Teas

The primary benefit of our wellbeing teas is to promote better overall health and balance in the long term. Boosting the bodies immune system, antioxidant levels, organ function and harmony is a long term process. Wellbeing teas aren't a miracle cure and can't replace doctor prescribed medication, but they can help when used regularly. If there is something you are working on within yourself physically, mentally or spiritually there is a tea that’s right.

Wellbeing teas are more than just superior to other therapeutic elixirs on the market for their medicinal benefits they are also vastly tastier. While the key focus of each of our wellbeing blends is their benefit to you we also prepare them in such a way that they are as enjoyable to drink as any of our herbal tea blends. Regardless whether you're trying to combat a specific condition or simply searching for something new to try the best thing to do is to get started.

How We Created Our Wellbeing Range

We have spent several years creating the first six teas as part of our wellbeing range. All of the ingredients included in each of our blends has been researched to ensure that it works not just to provide the benefit sought but also to work in harmony at that concentration with the other ingredients in the tea. Further to this we have selected only certified organic ingredients to ensure that our teas are free of outside pesticides and fertilisers and from fair-trade suppliers so you can feel confident that the workers and their families are being paid a fair wage, they have access to health care and their children have access to education opportunities.


calming tea design Natural detoxification, purification and revitalisation

Your body is designed to cleanse itself naturally of naturally and environmentally occurring toxins through healthy liver, kidneys, lymph and skin processes but lifestyle can compromise these cleaning systems which leads to a buildup of toxins and inflammation throughout the body. This special blend is the equivalent of a reset button whenever you’ve been pushing your body a little too hard. Improve detoxification elimination through all channels and get back to you.


Find wisdom, balance, harmony and inner peace

A beautiful blend that is balancing, nourishing and refreshing brew a cup and gently turn inward, connect with your better self. This blend is designed to enhance intuition. When you are looking for insight or wisdom, it's a good time to sit down, find solace and take stock of your day.


Improves digestion and settles your stomach

This blend is recommended for soothing the stomach and reduces inflammation, irritation and bloating. It reduces stomach acid and assists good digestive bacteria. It’s effective for all inflammatory gastrointestinal conditions such as heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, reflux and stomach ulcers.


Relieve stress, reduce anxiety and soothe the mind

This is a beautiful calming tea, ideal when seeking a quiet moment of tranquility that protects against anxiety, insomnia and nervousness by both relaxing and nourishing your body. Help your body relax and find calm with our special blend formulated with herbal ingredients to help the body respond and adapt to physical and emotional stress.


Relieve the physical symptoms of cold and flu

Feeling under the weather? Looking for a soothing cup of tea to comfort you? Brew yourself a cup of this magical great warming, soothing herbal tea blend when you feel a case of the sniffles coming on, a fever on the horizon, the first signs of a sore throat, watery eyes, congestion or the first sneeze of an impending cold.


Ease restlessness and promote a good nights sleep

A combination of herbal ingredients chosen to create a perfect sleep aid comprising chamomile flowers a mild sedative perfect for calming anxiety, fragrant peppermint helps with breathing and general relaxation while the floral ingredients combine to round out the soothing bedtime blend for a good nights slumber.