After six years we recently decided it was time for a change and we are now ready to reveal the rebranded Red Leaf Tea and how that is going to impact each of our products. When we first launched Red Leaf Tea a lot of our design and packaging decisions were based on cost and availability; for instance the measurements of our existing tea boxes were chosen in order to make best use of mailing box and bag capacity rather than shelf aesthetics however now that the fastest growing area of our business is brick and mortar retailers selling our tea boxes direct to the public our view on packaging needs to change.

New Logo

Since Red Leaf Tea first launched six years ago our logo has been largely unchanged so we felt that it was due for a refresh as all of the fine detail involved it felt cluttered and a lot of this detail was lost on packaging. We wanted to create something that was simple, elegant and distinctive and showcased our longevity in a business space where many of our competitors have closed down, while others have sprung up in their place.


new tin design

New Display Tins

Thousands of you have Red Leaf Tea tins sitting on your kitchen benches and shelves so deciding that we were going to change the look of those tins was perhaps the most difficult decision of all. We ultimately decided it was worthwhile as the new tins do include improvements over the current tins. The smaller or 'standard' size tin has always been a little too small meaning that there was almost no free space available so it was hard to refill the tin until it was completely empty and while the replacement tin is only slightly larger it is large enough to allow some degree of topping-up. The other issue the current tins have always had was a lack of stack-ability; due to the shape of the lid and base the tins don't quite sit well together so the new flat base and lid fix this problem.

The Cube

The new Red Leaf Tea box is very different from the old one; gone is the easy to pack and send but not so easy to stand and display kraft board rectangle replaced with a clean matte black cube. The new shape will make it easier for our customers and our wholesale partners to display their favourite teas. This is not the only change, the non-recyclable, bad-for-the-environment cellophane bag has been done away with and in it's place is a new bio-degradable bag. How does this new bag work? Simple, when you've finished your tea just bury the empty bag in your garden bed or throw it into the compost heap and it will break down naturally

new box design

New Colour

For the last few years our product stickers have all been white; French Earl Grey - white, Lapsang Souchong - white, Hawaiian Daydream - white, Orange Blossom Oolong - you get the idea. So it's nice to be able to inject a little colour into the line up again. We're starting with seven - red blue, green, orange, pink, purple and yellow - but we'll be looking to add even more colours in future.