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Masala Chai

Posted by Marie 06/02/2015

After decades of importing tea from China The British East India Company became concerned with Chinas control over Britain’s tea supply and in the early 1800’s began to establish tea gardens in the British colonies of India and Ceylon.

Despite producing more than half of Britain’s tea consumption within the Indian population was virtually unheard of. After introducing Indian workers to the British concept of ‘the tea break’ independent merchants started to brew their own tea drink using large quantities of traditional Indian spices and milk.

Despite the Indian Tea Association’s initial disapproval of this drink its popularity grew and eventually spread beyond India.

By its very nature every chai blend is unique; to create our special blend we have prepared a traditional Chai mix from Indian teas and spices that is perfect for everyone.

  • Assam and Nilgiri black teas boosts anti-oxidant levels and increases energy levels
  • Ginger to improve the immune system, relieve stress and aid in digestion
  • Cloves act as a general anti-viral and anti-bacterial
  • Cinnamon boosts anti-oxidant levels, lowers cholesterol and improves circulation
  • Cardamon detoxifies the body, eliminates bad breath and relieves general bodily pain.

Why not try our new Masala Chai today?


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