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Tokyo Sencha

Tokyo Sencha

This Sencha is the pinnacle of green teas with a wonderful fragrance and a sweet grassy after taste Tokyo Sencha offers a clean, astringent taste alongside notes of sweet fruitiness and distinctive earthiness.

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1 tspn per cup80°c2-3 minAs is


A light brew with a crisp, grassy flavour.


Japanese Sencha, the delight of many tea drinkers, with a distinct taste and an abundance of antioxidants green tea lovers will find this impossible to resist. Story: In 18th century Japan tea master Soen Nagatani invented the method of steaming green tea leaves which came to be known as Sencha and for the next few hundred years the demand for Sencha tea in Japan grew until, finally in the late 20th century, demand became so great that there simply wasn’t enough tea being grown to meet domestic dema demand. To counter the rising local and international demand a Japanese tea master took his finest tea plants and emigrated to the Zhejiang province of China, a region where the climate and soil is very similar to the central growing fields of Japan and n and it is here under his watchful eye that some of the world’s finest Japanese Sencha is now being produced.


1 tsp per cup in water at 80°c for 2-3 mins


Just as it is.


Sencha Green Tea


Zhejiang Province, China

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