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Duchess Anna

Duchess Anna

A hint of strawberry, a touch of lemon and the smooth taste of a perfect afternoon tea blend make this a delightful brew.

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1 tspn per cup95°c3-4 minHoneyLemonIcedETP


Subtle copper colour and the light aroma of strawberries and lemon


In the 1840’s friend of Queen Victoria, Anna Maria Russell the duchess of Bedford, was staying at the Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire. Belvoir took their evening meal at 8PM, much later than the duchess was accustomed too, so Anna requested a pot of tea and a plate of cakes and sandwiches be brought to her room during the afternoon. The duchess enjoyed this daily break so much that she began to invite friends to join her during these afternoon interludes and began the tradition of the afternoon tea in England. By the 1880’s the ritual became a fashionable event amongst society women and the upper class who would dress-up in expensive gowns and hats for the serving of afternoon tea in drawing rooms.


1 tsp per cup in water at 95°c for 3-4 mins


With milk or honey as desired.


Black tea, lemon balm, strawberry pieces, calendula and sunflower petals


Sri Lanka and India

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