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Jade Sencha

Jade Sencha

Sencha tea is a traditional green tea with tightly rolled, needle-shaped leaves harvested early in spring once the leaves have developed their sweetness. The tea produced has a bright color and a clean finish with its sleek dark green appearance.

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Serve as is
1 tspn per cup80°c2-3 minAs is


Long bright green leaves that produce a bright brew and produce a fresh perfume and refreshing taste.


The Chinese Emperor Shennong of the Five Grains is counted amongst the Three Sovereigns, sage-like emperors who ruled China almost 5000 years ago. Shennong is believed to have taught the ancient Chinese new methods of agriculture however it is the folk tale surrounding his discovery of tea that may have left the biggest impact on the world. Legends has it that the Emperor was boiling a pot of water when leaves from a tea tree branch in the fire blew into the air and landed in the water, infusing it a it and creating the worlds first pot of tea.


1 tsp per cup in water at 80°c for 2-3 mins


Just as it is.


Green tea


Zhejiang province, China

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