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Tea Tasting Technique

Posted by Danni 23/08/2014

Tea Tasting Guide

Ok, so after some research on tea tasting techniques i have here for you the BEST way to taste tea. No procedures, no timing, no correct amount of water, no ‘right’ teapot, mug or spittoon (whatever that is), nothing at all!

The ‘correct’ way so to speak is simply having the same amount of tea for each brew, with the same amount of water boiled, perhaps a white mug to see the colour and preferably without milk or sugar to enjoy its pure taste. This long process unfortunately seems to ruin your little ritual of a basic hot cuppa on the couch in front of the telly.

So here’s my little tea tasting tip, drink the tea you love, whether it be black, green, white, herbal or an infusion. Infuse it for as long as you please but give yourself at least two minutes to give the aroma a chance to brew, and put as much sugar as you like. For those of you who can’t help yourselves add milk, although all real tea drinkers prefer their tea black of course.

It’s one thing to add Milk to your supermarket bought teabags, but our loose leaf tea taste so good that there is no need for anything more than hot water to brew the perfect tea. Turkish Apple however proves to be a kind of apple sugar for those who need something sweet.

Here’s to tasting tea the way it should be tasted, just the way you like it, perfect for you. 


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