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Tea Culture: Vietnam

Posted by Danni 02/10/2014

verdant-fieldsWe've traveled a little closer to home this time for the second installment in our tea culture series, this time we turn our attention to the tea drinking culture of Vietnam.

Whether you are in the comfort of your own home or wandering around the crazy night markets of Vietnam there is no better way to wind down then with a cup of tea. While it’s neighbour China is well known for the harvesting of teas such as jasmine, green, white and even black tea, then what does Vietnam have to offer?

Originally being a hobby for the elders, ‘Tea’ started off as a strong and very much-condensed beverage served in an almost shot like glass. The notion of drinking tea goes far back to be linked with spiritual purity, wedding ceremonies and customs, anniversaries and many more. It is also common in Vietnam to start the day off with hot green tea, with plenty of antioxidants and just the right amount of caffeine to kick start your day.

It is now a growing trend to have teahouses accessible to all, instead of cafés, Vietnam has bred a culture of tea houses often built with old architecture and decorated with furniture dating back to the dynasty period, these culture hubs are now accompanied with live music and are a popular destination for both locals and visitors. At these houses there are a wide range of teas offered, from pure leaf tea to what has also become the go-drink with such hot and humid weather, iced tea “cha-da”.

This Iced tea is the perfect freshener drink in bustling Vietnam, made with black tea or green tea, sweetened fresh sugar cane juice and cumquats, who says you can’t have a little holiday in your own home? If ever in Vietnam be sure to visit one of their many popular tea houses one of their frequently loved locations would be ‘The Reaching out Tea house’ in Hoi An, Vietnam. This tea house is highly rated in a very loved heritage city, more information can be found at the link below.


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