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Summer Tea Launch

Posted by Marie 22/10/2014

Its been a cold winter but Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner, the temperature has started to rise and the Jacarandas are covered in gorgeous new blossom. As we turn our attention to the coming holiday season we felt it was time to launch four brand new teas in the Red Leaf Tea range.

new summer tea range

Tokyo Sencha

We receive a lot of requests from people searching for that special tea but the request we get most frequently is for a Japanese Sencha green tea. Well we've listened and that's why the first new tea in our summer range is the crisp, light and smooth Tokyo Sencha.

Japan produces almost all of it's Sencha tea leaves for the local market and exports virtually none, because of this, a master Japanese tea grower took his best saplings and migrated to the Hunan Province of China, a region whose climate and soils very closely resemble those of the Shizuoka prefecture of Japan and it is here under his careful watch that Japanese green teas are grown and exported around the world.

Black Currant

Be blown away by the strong aroma and flavor of fresh picked currants, the finest quality Ceylon black tea leaves and exotic blackberry leaves. Black Currant is a black, fruity blend and the perfect way to provide warmth and comfort on a cold day. A perfect refreshing iced treat when its hot creating a fruit flavoured tea you'll just love all year round!

This one can be little strong so be sure not to over brew but the good news is because it's so strong you can use the leaves again.

Silver Needles

China’s rarest and most famous white tea is made using only the first new leaves and silvery unopened buds grown high in the mountains of the Fujian province. Handpicked over a single weekend in April each year, before being withered and dried naturally, Silver Needles is for true tea aficionados who appreciate it for its sweet complexity and underlying grassy taste with hints of fresh apple that makes it a uniquely perfect brew.

Unlike other white teas Silver Needles contains high levels of caffeine, almost as much as black tea and is still as high in antioxidants as other white teas.

Orange Orchard

This ones for the citrus lovers! Our newest fruit tea blend, Orange Orchard, is made with real orange pieces, hibiscus, apple pieces and Madagascan vanilla. Every cup is filled with the experience of an afternoon stroll through a Meditereanian orange grove in Spring time.

This one works best iced but if you're feeling a little adventurous try adding a small amount to your favourite black tea to jazz up your day!


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