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Ready, Set, Raspberry!

Posted by Marie 23/11/2015

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, is this the Alice drink?

It certainly won’t make you larger or smaller or get you a seat at the Mad Hatter’s Tea party but this tea helps in other ways, particularly if you’re expecting to have a child. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is created from Raspberry Leaf, and this classified herb has been used for thousands of years, for medicinal purposes by our indigenous cultures. It was not until the forties that doctors became aware of the healing properties Raspberry Leaf produces for the uterus and pregnancy.

This tea has been shown in small sample studies to be linked with a shorter second, pushing stage of labour, pregnancy immunity and even morning sickness. Although doctors advise against taking any remedies that interfere with labour, if taken in moderation Raspberry red leaf tea can help boost the immunity of pregnant women and if so, it will possibly reduce the length of labour and prevent the assistance of forceps during pregnancy or in some studies the likelihood of C-sections.

If I’m not pregnant does this tea have any benefits for me?

I’m glad you asked! And the answer is yes, Raspberry red leaf tea is just not for pregnant women but can assist with other women’s health issues. For all you ladies out there that are not looking for a pregnant lady remedy, Raspberry leaf tea helps with the following;

  • Menstrual cramps, that’s right! It may help to reduce period pain and also produce regularity in one’s menstrual cycle.
  • Detoxify extra hormones; this can also be helpful for men who are resilient to looking after their health or investing in an overall detoxification for all the artificial oestrogens absorbed from your common foods like commercial meat, milk, plastics and food additives. These additives along with other daily stresses in life can cause ‘andropause’ which is known as the male version of menopause this is recognized by a major drop in testerone levels.
  • And not for table conversation, raspberry leaf tea can be an effective remedy of diarrhoea; helping to calm and regulate bowel movements as well as re-hydrate the body with loss of fluids.

We can now see Raspberry red leaf tea is not only a delicious sweet flavoured tea but a natural remedy. So what are you waiting for? Head to you nearest Tealer (Loose leaf tea supplier) and purchase a box today or better yet follow the white rabbit


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