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Sue's Bookshop

When we first met Sam she had a great little bookshop in a seaside town offering a nice collection of best-sellers, reference books, coffee-table books and specialty reads. The problem for Sam was, while business from the annual migration of holiday makers remained steady through the warmer months business from local customers had dropped off in recent years due at least in part to competition from online stores.

She was looking for a reason for regular customers to come back to the store more frequently without cutting margins and joining the race to the bottom on pricing. Sue reached out to Red Leaf Tea and we worked with her to select a range of loose leaf teas that would most appeal to her customers and give them a reason to return on a regular basis. With limited shelf space and budget available we were able select a great range that would have broad appeal for her customers.

"Books and tea were a natural fit, they just fit together like poetry"

The end result for Sam's bookstore was a new product line that boosted total sales, increased the value of sales and most importantly created a demand cycle that had local customers returning to the store every few months which had the desired result of increasing book sales in the off-season.

Sues Bookshop