Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Posted by Andrew 07/12/2014

This Christmas give them a gift they'll really enjoy. Red Leaf Tea Gift Packs are a wonderful delight for everyone, from tea lovers to those just beginning their addiction and at just $39 each with free standard shipping Australia wide they won't break the pocket either.

Find the perfect tea gift pack for someone special in your life. Each of our unique gift packs is designed to offer the best tea drinking experience; two of our favourite loose leaf teas in four separate categories each presented in limited edition print tin and coupled with a spring handle infuser. Each gift pack is presented in a gift box and wrapped up in brown paper so it's ready to be unwrapped and bring a smile to someone's face.

Twin Pack: Black Enjoy perennial favourite English Breakfast and our most popular tea of all French Earl Grey

Twin Pack: Green: It will be difficult to choose between the strawberry infused Serendipity or the light and seductive taste of Green Tea with Jasmine in this pack

Twin Pack: Oolong: The earthen tones of Dark Oolong for the morning and the magical taste of the Orange Blossom Oolong for the afternoon, what could be better for the oolong lovers?

Twin Pack: Herbal: Choose either the classic, refreshing flavour of Egyptian peppermint or the sinfully delicious flavours of Apple Cinnamon Chamomile found in the herbal gift pack.


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