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About Us

Welcome to Red Leaf Tea's online tea shop, here you'll find our full range of premium loose leaf teas; from traditional favourites Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Peppermint to the finest range of boutique blends, fruit infusions and herbal teas. You are sure to find an old favourite or a new best friend in our shop, we guarantee you'll find the blend that's perfect for you.

Each and everyone of our teas have been prepared by our tea masters and carefully blended and hand packed by our team to ensure every cup you brew is perfect. We are so confident that you'll love every one of our teas that we guarantee it.

As well as our range of teas and tisanes, we also have a wide variety of tea accessories to suit all your tea needs from teapots and infusers to cups, timers and storage tins.

Our Philosophy...

When it comes to the perfect cup of tea, Red Leaf Tea isn't about the business of Tea but rather the enjoyment and indulgence. After enjoying the best teas from across Europe and Asia we wanted to bring that same experience home with us.

To achieve this goal we've carefully selected every one of the ingredients you find in our range for their aroma, quality and taste.

At Red Leaf Tea we strongly believe that a good cup of tea has the power to bring people together, make a bad day disappear and most importantly quench the soul.